Wellness Constellation

counseling & consulting

Wellness Constellation is a space where Joy Walsh, LCSW, PMH-C can provide you with a collection of services from multiple perspectives - therapy as a client, supervision as a provisional clinician, or consultation for developing your leadership presence in a wellness based organization. Through all of these lenses, Joy focuses on your values and goals to enhance your quality of living.

Align your life.

counseling services and specialties

individual therapy

perinatal & postpartum

trauma processing

career burnout & discovery

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clinical guidance

clinical supervision

clinical consultations 1:1

group specialty consultation

guest speaking

leadership support

clinical program development

retreat brainstorm or planning

internship programming

director or team support

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Wellness Constellation is a feminist, LGBTQIA+, gender affirming, Health at Every Size, and human rights advocating practice.

Wellness Constellation operates through a trained framework of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.